Massage Therapy

Experience deep peace & release of tension in this customized base of Swedish, Lomi Lomi, and Thai table massage.

CranioSacral® or Lymph® Drainage Therapy.

Happy Feet – Capture a taste of sweet comfort in this unique combination of warm water and hot stones, followed by exfoliating aromatherapy salt glow with a 20 minute lower leg foot massage, finish with an herbal tea foot wrap.


Breema helps us find a greater sense of well-being, harmoney and interest in life. Receiving Breema and practicing Self-Breema help us move, feel and think more naturally. Breema bodywork and Self-Breema exercises are phenomenal catalysts for the body's self-healing processes, and ideal methods of health enhancement for anyone who wishes to benefit from a higher level of physical flexibility, vitality, mental clarity, and emotional balance.

A Breema practition's quality of touch establishes an immediate rapport. Every movement, stretch, and hold, guided by the Nine Principles of Harmony, is naturally attuned to your body's particular structural and physiological dynamics. Breema decrystallizes conditioned physical, mental, and emotional patterns, neutralizes accumulated stress, and releases tension. It is profoundly relaxing and energizing, and helps us find and maintain an openhearted and open-minded posture towards life. Learn more about Breema here.


Reiki is a Japanese term for the vital energy that supports and nourishes our physical well-being. Other tems are chi, prana and huna. Reiki serves to mantain health in our bodies by balancing the polarities we call yin and yang.

Experience life in balance. The purpose of cultivating life force replenishes natural energies, oxygenating tissues and revitalizing health overall.

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Photography by Marico Fayre