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Body assimilation is paramount.

A certified nutritional therapist is guided by:
A profound respect for the teachings of nutritional pioneers, a commitment to the concept of bio-individuality, and the belief that within each one of us lies an innate intelligence that will guide us to balanced health.

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Nutrition is a science:

Focused on the interactions between living organisms and their food. Includes the study of the biological processes used in consuming our food and our body's ability to use the nutrients contained in food. It also contributes to the body's structure and regulates and assists in the functioning of all body processes.

Nutritional Therapists...

Know that health is built on certain biochemical Foundations.

Know that a properly prepared, nutrient-dense diet of whole foods provides the ultimate foundation leading to optimal health.

Nutritional Therapists know that weaknesses in The Foundations lead to the degenerative health problems that plague the modern world.

What To Expect?

You can expect to be surprised by the methods of support and delighted to be treated like a unique individual.

You will be encouraged to take on your health and to participate in your wellness campaigns

Besides feeling better, you can count on learning a lot about health.

You can expect to be listened to and supported in your process.

Your first appointment takes one hour and you will leave with a clear protocol of direction, designed specifically for you.

Phone consultations also available.


FlorAlive UNCUT Flower™ essences may help to remove undesirable beliefs and harmful memories from the subconscious mind. It emerged through Dr. Brent Davis' familiarity with herbal medicine, homeopathy, thought field therapy, and applied kinesiology. For over a decade of clinical development, Dr. Davis has created an entire collection of UNCUT Flower™ quantum frequencies along with unique test phrases to guide in essence selection.

Learn more about FlorAlive here.

Morphogenic Field Technique®

Morphogenic Field Technique® is a symbiotic combination of energetic healing and nutritional healing.

The energy field is used to find the foundational and clinical nutritional needs of the body at the cellular level using a modified form of muscle response testing.

The Morphogenic Field ( or M-Field) is an extension of the healing energy of the nervous system.

You can also visit the MFT website for more info.

Mission Statement
As a Nutritional Therapist, we are committed to helping reverse the effects of the modern diet by honoring The Foundations of optimal health.

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